The Best Cross Stitch Scissors? The 6 Holding Point Scissor

For the longest time, I’ve been sure in my opinion that the Canary Micro Snip scissors were the best cross stitch scissors you could get. You can grab them with any hand, you can snip threads easily, no one can use them for other (non-cross stitch) uses, and you can even take them with you when you travel with your cross stitch.
But I may have been wrong.

OK, I was wrong. I admit it!

What’s Wrong With Micro Snips?

I don’t really like talking about specific products (we’re 100% independent after all), but I’ve been talking about micro-snips what feels like decades by this point. I mention them every time I do a round-up of great cross stitch gifts, and honestly; they’re still amazing embroidery scissors, especially if you intend to travel with cross stitch.
But when Mr X Stitch told me about a new pair of scissors I thought I had all I needed. After all, here I was suggesting people went out their way to find the right cross stitch scissors for them. I was wrong.
It may have taken me 3 years to finally get around to trying these scissors, but they might be the best recommendation I’ve ever received about cross stitch.

What Are These New Magical Scissors?

Janome Xtratouch Embroidery Scissors
Coming in at about $15 at the moment, these are actually rather reasonably priced scissors, but the fact that Janome means they’ll stay sharp despite their low price. Made from solid metal, and with a rather weird and bulky shape, at first they really don’t look that handy to use…

Janome Xtratouch Embroidery Scissors (Source:
Janome Xtratouch Embroidery Scissors (Source:


Why Am I A Convert?

But they really are handy to use!
The main selling point of these scissors is that there are 6 different ways to hold them, and they’re suitable for left or right-handed stitchers. But for me; it’s about ease. I want to be able to grab a pair of scissors without having to think about how to hold them, yet still getting the accuracy I need.

3 Different Ways To Hold The Xtratouch Embroidery Scissors (Source:
3 Different Ways To Hold The Xtratouch XT Embroidery Scissors (Source:

Thanks to the unique design without a massive hole you need to detach yourself from each time you use them, and a super neat metal construction that means they’re both magnetic, and slightly heavy (to slip off your hand through gravity), you can use them with one hand.
Without knowing how I’ve grabbed them, I’m always confident that I’ll be able to get the cut I need!
But maybe I won’t be upgrading to the fancy leather holding pouch Mr X Stitch has!
We picked up our pair of Janome Xtratouch embroidery scissors from Studio Koekoek, but many retailers carrying embroidery supplies are likely to carry them, including most on our list of best online cross stitch stores.
Have you seen these scissors around and passed on them too?

Happy stitching!
Lord Libidan

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  1. Linda Ashmore Adcock

    I can’t find these anywhere! I’m in the US. I’ve even searched the Janome website. Are they still available?

  2. Elliott S.

    Alas, these don’t seem to be available in the USA as of now.