Great Cross Stitch Gifts Under $25/£20

Cross stitchers buy threads in their ever reaching aim to own all 500 DMC threads, we buy aida and other cross stitch fabrics through the year, but the little things that don’t cost the earth and are super useful never seem to get purchased. So why not spend a little on yourself ($25 or £20) and improve your cross stitch game.

Aida Identification Cards – from $5

Cross Stitch Gauge and Rule by Yarn Tree (Source: Stitched Modern)
Cross Stitch Gauge and Rule by Yarn Tree (Source: Stitched Modern)

When it comes to the sheer usefulness of cross stitch tools, an aida identification card, or aida gauge is right up there. I know it might not seem glamorous, and many people are unsure if aida gauges are worth getting at all, and so don’t buy one. But they are frankly one of the most useful things in my cross stitch kit.
People’s hesitance is somewhat understandable, as its rare that you find yourself asking what count is that fabric. But for $5, when you do ask yourself that question (and you will at some point, trust us), you need to get an answer you can trust. These give you a 100% sure answer, 100% of the time. After all, it’s a few dollars that will stop you from having to throw out that unlabeled piece of thread/needles.

Frogging Scissors – from $5

lift-n-snip-scissors with close up (source: amazon)
Making a mistake in cross stitch sucks, but its a pain that cross stitcher knows. However, there is a tool that makes frogging easy. It might not be the most glamorus pair of embroidery scissors, but it sure is one of the most useful.

Scissor Sheaths – from $5

Scissor Sheaths (Source
Scissor Sheaths (Source

Scissor sheaths might not be the first thing that comes to mind…. well, in any situation to be honest, but scissors are one of the most important tools for a cross stitcher to have.
Every cross stitcher probably owns multiple sets of embroidery scissors and like most, one is always kept handy, out on display, getting stuck into things/people all the time. So to avoid stabbing yourself, and to keep them safe and sharp; scissor sheaths were invented. Coming in a whole host of designs, they’re sure to brighten anyone’s cross stitch kit whilst also providing a protective layer that will keep your scissors perfect for years to come!

Easy Guide Needles – from $7

Easy guide cross stitch needles (Source:
Easy guide cross stitch needles (Source:

Not much happens in the world of cross stitch and tapestry needles, however one recent new addition, the easy guide needle, is like a breath of fresh air. By adding a small ball to the tip of a sharp needle, you keep the blent edge, but get a better point for more controlled stitching.

Canary Micro Snips – from $7

Canary Micro Scissors in a palm (Source:
Canary Micro Scissors in a palm (Source:

Stepping up the price slightly, we reviewed these micro snips from Canary a few years ago, and we simply can’t stop singing their praises!
They’re a fantastic pair of scissors in their own right, which are not only fast and easy to use thanks to the finger hold that avoids all those hoops (and are left-handed friendly!) but are fully TSA compliant for plane travel.
We now use these as our main pair of scissors for cross stitch, they are that good! With a micro form factor, and a protective little sheath, they’re great for travel kits too. We even attach them to our keys, so we’re never away from a pair of scissors!

Thread Shade Chart – $20

We simply cannot advise every cross stitcher out there to get a shade card enough. They are a super valuable tool. Sure, we have a copy of the DMC shade card on our site to see at any time, but there is nothing like seeing the real threads sat next to each other, to get the best out of your threads, and mae the best patterns. Still aren’t convinced? Check out our post on why you need a DMC thread card.

DMC complete thread card (small)
DMC complete thread card


A Good Cross Stitch Book – $20 to $25

Criss crossing paris book by fiona sinclair and sallyanna hayes cover small (source: amazon)
Criss crossing paris book by fiona sinclair and sallyanna hayes cover small (source: amazon)

With cross stitch patterns being found online in their masses in places like Etsy, however that doesn’t mean those are where the best patterns are. In fact, cross stitch pattern books are still on the rise, and are normally the only places you can get official patterns from people Like Disney. You check our run down of the best cross stitch books out on the market to find one for you.

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    Your frogging scissors are actually suture scissors. I know my husband got a pair in the hospital.