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I’ve spoken about products that catch my eye in the past, and one of our all time most popular posts is our Christmas gift guide but it’s rare I get to combine the two!

This week, with the run up to Christmas beginning, I bring you the Caterpillar Cross Stitch advent calendar.

Caterillar Cross Stitch 2023 Cross Stitch Advent Calendar (Source:
Caterillar Cross Stitch 2023 Cross Stitch Advent Calendar (Source:

Before we start; we’ve not been paid for this review, we didn’t get a freebie, and we don’t get commission; we just really love this product!

Themed advent calendars are so common now that its likely that you’ve probably had a coffee, tea, fancy chocolate, or even LEGO advent calendar grace your home for the festive period! But has there ever been one so in sync with you that its filled to the brim with cross stitch supplies?
Caterpillar Cross Stitch, which is a UK based designer if you weren’t aware, have been creating great kits and projects for a decade now, but last year they came out with a cross stitch themed advent calendar.
I expected this to be bit naff to be honest; themed calendars are great, but a flash in the pan with gifts you really wouldn’t buy yourself.

But thats where Caterpillar Cross Stitch really got me. Their 2022 calander was filled with some seriously awesome items, and their 2023 one was not only so eagerly awaited by their fans, but they managed to open pre-orders back in January!
So this year I’m sharing their new calander so you can get in on the goods!

Caterillar Cross Stitch 2023 Cross Stitch Advent Calendar Inside (Source:
Caterillar Cross Stitch 2023 Cross Stitch Advent Calendar Inside (Source:

What’s Included

The single biggest question when it comes to these themed advents is the stuff inside. Is it worth it? Is it quality?
Well, the answer to those is a big fat YES.

I won’t spoil too much about whats inside, but based on last years’ it combines the best cross stitch fabrics, best cross stitch needles and best cross stitch notions and a spattering of scissors, needle minders, cross stitch patterns, teas and sweets!
Featuring brands like Zweigart, DMC threads and Caterpillar Cross Stitch (obviously) means this is a great list of great quality products. They’re just missing something from Lord Libidan!

The boxes include 3 brand new cross stitch patterns, 3 brand new design needle minders, 3 different Zweigart fabrics for you to try, a beautiful array of DMC threads, scissors, DMC needles and much more!

Sally @ Caterpillar Cross Stitch


With all that cross stitch goodness, price is probably going to be something you aren’t going to like hearing, and yes, it is expensive. Running at £109 ($136) it’s not cheap.
We cost out last years’ haul and worked out that you get over $200 worth of stitching goodness, and it really is great quality stuff. So whilst it does cost a bit, in the most expensive month of the year, its worth the price!

Is It Worth Picking Up?

The price of the cross stitch advent calendar is a tough hurdle to get over, and I’ll be honest; I’m 100% there with you. But with so much in the calendar, and I think it’s definately worth getting. Not only do you get to keep some truly great cross stitch gifts, but there is even a Facebook Group dedicated to the advent!
Spoil yourself this festive season!

You can pick up the advent calendar over at Caterpillar Cross Stitch for $135 (£109).

Happy stitching,
Lord Libidan

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