7 Awesome Gift Ideas For Cross Stitchers

Finding gifts for the people in your life that like things outside of your normal is hard, and so we’ve put together 7 awesome gift ideas for cross stitchers.


Fun Needle Keeps – from $5

chapelviewcrafts polymer cake needle minder by chapelviewcrafts (source: etsy)
So tasty you could eat it!

The great thing about needle keeps, other than how cheap they are, is the awesome volume of different designs. Pick something they’re interested in and BOOM! You’ve got yourself a super personalized gift for under a fiver!
They can even become a bit of a hobby in themselves with many cross stitchers collecting large volumes of them. For example, I have a Charizard, a cup of tea, the cake design you see here, and a book.
I would look on Etsy first as they have a whole wealth of handmade ones.


ThreadCutterz – $12-15

Thread Cutterz (source: threadcutterz.com)
Thread Cutterz (source: threadcutterz.com)

How about something a little more practical?
These ThreadCutterz are an awesome alternative to scissors, which sit on your finger like a ring, meaning no more grasping for a pair of scissors. Simply catch the thread in the ring and it cuts. Also, they’re safe around pets and children!
The one pictured is plain, but they can be purchased in a variety of designs and colors, and many people add some bling to theirs too!
Just for an added bonus they can be taken on international plane flights too!


Thread Shade Chart – $20

One of the best gifts I’ve ever received is a thread shade card. They simply show you how all the colors look, and how they sit together. DMC (the most common thread company) do a version with thread samples ($20) including the new DMC threads, which is far superior. We have a copy of the DMC shade card on our site to see at any time, however, we know from experience that there is nothing like the real thing. A steal at $20 too.

DMC Thread shade card with new colors with logo by Lord Libidan
DMC Thread shade card with new colors with logo by Lord Libidan


A Good Pair Of Scissors – $30

I know, I just said about replacing scissors, but in reality, a lot of cross stitchers like a good pair of scissors. In fact, I’m a believer that you always need another pair of scissors. You can choose practical scissors, fancy scissors, or even super colorful ones. We’ve even got a guide for finding the best cross stitch scissors if you’re not sure what type to get.

Premax Carnival Embroidery Scissors (source: kreinik.com)
Premax Carnival Embroidery Scissors (source: kreinik.com)


Magazine Subscriptions – $20-60 a year

CrossStitcher Magazine Cover Issue 317 (source: crossstitchermag.co.uk)
CrossStitcher Magazine Cover Issue 317 (source: crossstitchermag.co.uk)

What about a gift that keeps giving?
Cross stitch kits and books are great, but what about something that’s delivered month after month for the whole year?
There are loads of cross stitch magazines out there, including a whole raft of modern, traditional, kid-friendly, and international ones to inspire your stitcher, all that delivers throughout the year.
They’re fantastic for giving you patterns, inspirations, finding out about new products and a lot give away free gifts too!
Prices vary, $20-$60 a year.


Threads! – $20-200+

Full set of DMC threads
My full set of DMC threads ordered by number
As a cross stitcher I know too well that there is a super warm fuzzy feeling that comes from owning a full set of cross stitch threads. Now this might seem like a big cost, $200 or more for DMC. However, just a pack of threads, such as metallics or the new coloris range are an awesome way to bring a bit of flair into someone’s cross stitch for a really reasonable price. As a bonus, they come in nice gift boxes too!
It’s also worth noting that there is a cheaper brand of threads which are surprisingly good, and can cost as little as $40 for the whole set!


Great Cross Stitch Software – up to $50

PCStitch Cross Stitch Software (source: PCStitch.com)
PCStitch Cross Stitch Software (source: PCStitch.com)

How about something slightly more expensive? A time comes for every cross stitcher when they want to make their own patterns, and whilst you can do this online, they all have their limitations. As a result, you often see a cross stitch pattern creation program on the wish list of many cross stitchers. You can choose from frankly hundreds of them, with prices ranging from $20 to over $200, however the ever popular WinStitch (use code LLWINWHG for a $12 discount) or PCstitch are the best bets, for $35. You can find a comparison of cross stitch programs here.

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  1. Jan somerville

    I will NEVER USE CXC and want the DMC threads shade charted

    1. LordLibidan

      I personally only use DMC too, I prefer the pure cotton, but CXC threads actually came up really well in our tests. Or have you had some bad experiences in the past?