The Ultimate Cross Stitch Quiz!

Ever wondered just how much you know about cross stitch? Why not take on our quiz and see what score you get?


3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Cross Stitch Quiz!

  1. I’d be curious to know what competitions will break open a very expensive frame to look at the back of a work. I’ve heard this for years, and none of the events that I have ever participated in had the ability to unframe a piece. Granted, I’ve not been to Woodlawn, but I still cannot imagine a $1000 frame being undone to look at the back of a work, even at Woodlawn.

    1. Thankfully it’s becoming rarer and rarer, but those that look at backs will request that designs are unframed, or “double glazed” meaning a glass back panel too.

  2. Hah cross stitcher supreme! Great questions!

    FYI visited Yarn Tree in Ames, IA that you had on here earlier, and was disappointed to learn they don’t provide retail products at their location. Oh well!

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