DMC Thread Cones: The Pros Way To Buy Thread

Recently we rounded up the best places to find DMC thread deals, and our first suggestion was thread cones. However, a lot of people started asking questions about these deals, and with a little digging, I found that a lot of cross stitchers didn’t even know they existed. So today, we’re talking nothing but thread cones.

What Are They?

DMC Six Strand Cross Stitch Cotton 500g Black Cone (Source:
DMC Six Strand Cross Stitch Cotton 500g Black Cone (Source:
Let’s start off simple; what exactly is a thread cone?
In short, they are the same DMC 6 strand thread you normally use, but around a cone, usually in 100g or 500g weights (which is 51 and 257 skeins worth). We spoke in our post about why do DMC threads vary in cost so much about where the threads we use are made. For DMC, all the 6 strand threads are still made in their French factory. In order to reduce the costs of sending threads to the US, they put this thread on cones and send them. The US factory then cuts the cones up into skeins to sell. However, DMC US also wanted to make these cones available to kit makers. This is where we come in; we purchase the cone before it’s been converted to skeins, saving us money.
They don’t come in the full range of colors, they officially only come in 22 colors now, but you can find a range of 35 online too. However, as you’ll see later, we’re only really interested in 3 colors.

Why Use Them?

I feel I might have just given the whole reason for buying cones away already there; you can save money. However, it has other uses too.
Firstly, let’s talk cash. A standard skein of thread can cost you anywhere from 50c to a dollar (on average, worldwide. It can be higher or lower depending on where you live). Cones cost, from the DMC US website, $70 for a 500g cone. To put that into perspective, that works out at 27c per skein. You just saved yourself a boatload. However, it gets better! Whilst the DMC website does sell the 500g cones for $70 if you search online, you can get them for anything from $20 to $50, making the saving even better. Sure, these cones are second-hand threads, but thanks to the cone having so much thread on it, you don’t have to be concerned with dye lot issues.

DMC Thread Cones (Source:
DMC Thread Cones (Source:

How To use Them?

This may seem a little confusing at first, after all, you know exactly how to use thread. But cones have one big limiting feature; they don’t come in the full range. However, if you had to buy all 500 threads at $70 a pop, it would be a long time before you collected a whole set of DMC threads.
So, how do we suggest you use cones? Simple; black and white.
In the last 5 years, I’ve only stitched one project (that’s one out of about 50) that hasn’t contained either 310 black, or B5200/Blanc white. As a result, with the exception of large blocks of color, you may have to stitch for a special project, black and white will be your most used colors. These are the ones we suggest you buy in cones.
However, let’s say you need a specific color, and you’ll need at least 20 skeins (you can use our skein calculator if you’re unsure), it makes more sense to buy a 100g cone (of 51 skeins) rather than buying the skeins separately. Sometimes, they won’t have the color you need, in fact, most of the time, but that one time they do; you can save yourself a lot.
I own 310 black, blanc, B5200 white, and 792 purple-blue.

DMC Thread Cones 100g and 500g in white B5200 (Source:
DMC Thread Cones 100g and 500g in white B5200 (Source:

Where To Get Them?

This, dear reader, is where things get a little complicated. As we said above, cones are actually meant for shipping between DMC outlets in different countries. Therefore; getting your hands on them can be difficult. If you live outside of the US that is.
The US DMC sells thread cones in all 22 colors, but only directly from their website. If you need one of the other threads in the range of 35, you need to look on eBay.
For those of us outside of the US, we only really have eBay to use. I personally also see them on Etsy from time to time as well. But I would strongly suggest avoiding Aliexpress to buy anything cross-stitch related, as its almost always fake. The good news, however, is that the stores on eBay usually sell for the same price as the US and include shipping, meaning you get just as good, if not a better, deal.

DMC Thread Cone Color Range:

#B5200, #White/Blanc, #Ecru, #221, #304, #310, #317, #318, #321, #413, #414, #415, #444, #498, #500, #550, #553, #666, #677, #741, #796, #801, #814, #815, #817, #820, #822, #841, #955, #956, #995, #3371, #3799

DMC thread cone color range
DMC thread cone color range

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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Kelli McDaniel

    You can buy the 450 yard cones at There are about 100 colors. Sometimes they are on sale.

  2. CFR

    You know you can get the full range of Madeira stranded cotton on cones, too? They’re equivalent to 44 packs (440m). I haven’t bought any, but they look to be a good deal.

  3. Joan C

    I bought a 100 gm cone of 304 from It was so much cheaper than buying all the skeins I’d need to finish Long Dog Sampler’s “Pandemic!”

  4. Robin Hobbs

    Actually you can get any color of DMC floss IF you buy it wholesale. You need to have a tax id number and place a minimum order of $150. The last time I ordered cones from DMC US the cones worked out to be $9.50 each (100 gram). They take a bit longer to get, they have to make them in France and then ship to the US so it takes close to 6 weeks, but it is worth the wait. I have well over 70 colors on cones.

    Also, you didn’t mention how nice it is to work with floss right off of the cone. There is much less tangling than when it come out of a skein.

    1. LordLibidan

      You can get any color!?! Well I’m going on a shopping trip.
      You are so right about working off the cone though, none of that “which end do I pull” faff and basically no knotting. Man I love cones.

      1. Robin Hobbs

        I sent them an email and told them what I wanted and they sent me the details of how to go about it and the prices. I suspect the price has changed since I last ordered, but it will still be cheaper than buying retail.

      2. Karen Lawler

        Hi, could you please share the how and the where to buy these cones? I’ve got around 350 but need the rest of the colours because I make large tapestries and there’s nothing more annoying than having to wait.

      3. LordLibidan

        There are two ways;
        Look for resellers on Ebay and Etsy. These sellers are often kit designers that have too much thread so sell off the excess. They’re getting rarer and rarer.
        Or you can contact DMC directly and ask to buy them.