Free Epic Pokemon All Generations Cross Stitch Pattern – Updated

epic pokemon all generations cross stitch
This is the big one. The most outrageous and insanely huge pattern I’ve found anywhere on the internet. It’s a combination of the first 5 generations of Pokemon, using generation 5 sprites. It’s basically a combination of the separate 5 epic pokemon generations cross stitch patterns we posted last week.
It’s a massive 798,000 stitches, with the finished piece well over a meter wide and tall on 14 count (almost 1.5m x 2m). If you attempt it, I salute you!
Stitch Count: 798w x 1000h
Finished Size: 57″ x 71.5″ or 145cm x 182cm (14ct)
Number of colors: 234 (DMC)

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Download top right pattern
Download top left pattern
Download bottom right pattern
Download bottom left pattern

Black and White

Download top right pattern
Download top left pattern
Download bottom right pattern
Download bottom left pattern

A few people have requested both color and black and white versions of the pattern. I’m working of this currently, however due to its size the program keeps crashing… :/

Thinking of tackling this epic cross stitch? We have some great guides like where to find super large aida, how to tackle epic cross stitches, cross stitch gridding techniques and how to keep up motivation when tackling epic cross stitches.
Lastly, the only person so far that is still stitching the pattern is Stitched_Pixels who gave us the below update back in 2018, with just over 45% of the pattern complete; 8 years in. You can follow her progress on her flosstube.
pokemon epic all generations cross stitch by samarin6 (source:
pokemon epic all generations cross stitch by samarin6 (source:

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95 thoughts on “Free Epic Pokemon All Generations Cross Stitch Pattern – Updated

  1. I am wondering where I can order aida that will fit this pattern? I am currently working on generation 5 for my son but once that is completed I’d like to start this one.

  2. Hey!

    May I ask you, which program have you used to make the pattern? Is the pattern available in .pat or .xsd extension to use with android pattern apps?

    Thank you in advance!

      1. Thank you for the fast answer! 🙂

        I’ve tried to make a pattern with PcStitch too, but my pattern used too many colors. For example Tornadus at the first page of top left is made by 3 type of green but on the pattern I made it is about 10+ green. Have you edited it manually after you made the pattern? Is it possible to ask for the parameters? I really like to start this pattern 😀

        1. Hi,
          The pattern was constructed pokemon by pokemon within PCstitch. We edited each pokemon to have the correct colors, and be as unified across the whole piece as possible.
          Hope that helps!

          1. Oh my god! Really?

            This whole picture is made by you? :O I thought it is just a pic from the net. I really respect it 🙂 Congrats!

  3. So this is probably a silly question but, about how many stitches can i get off of one skein of floss? I am about to be crazy ambitious and start this piece but I want to get a rough estimate on how many skeins I will need!
    Thanks in advance everyone.

  4. Thank you, that makes sense now!, have you looked at my blog? Hope to start stitching this weekend

  5. Help! On the bottom left pattern there is code \\ 3$&/62 there is no 362 dmc colour, can you tell me what it’s supposed to be, many thanks.

    1. Hey!
      It looks like the DMC code is on top of the page number; hence the confusion.
      Its page 64/64 and color 340.
      Hope that helps! And nice score on the threads btw.

    1. Are you doing this on 14 count? Where did you get he cloth large enough? How are you going to piece the 4 panels together to look like 1 project when done?

  6. I have just sourced the fabric to stitch this in one piece on 16hpi pale blue aida, my biggest project to date. Let me know if you would like updates

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