Free Epic Pokemon Generations Cross Stitch Patterns

Epic Pokemon Generation Cross Stitch Patterns
Epic Pokemon Generation Cross Stitch Patterns

Some of the most requested Pokemon patterns out there, and seen as some of the most epic; are Servotron’s epic Pokemon cross stitch patterns.
We’ve compiled all 5 of Servotron’s patterns and an additional 6 and 7th generations by Shadow_Nova, showing the first 7 generations of Pokemon in the generation 5 Pokemon sprites. Each pattern is the same size, and uses the same 105 master colors.
Stitch Count: 256w x 450h
Finished Size: 18.3″ x 32.1″ or 46.4cm x 81.6cm (14ct)
Number of colors: 105 (generation 1), 101 (generation 2), 105 (generation 3), 103 (generation 4), 101 (generation 5), 102 (generation 6) & 103 (generation 7) DMC

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Generation 1 (Red/Blue/Yellow)

Download Gen 1 COLOR pattern
Download Gen 1 B&W pattern
Download Gen 1 COLOR EXTENDED pattern


Generation 2 (Gold/Silver/Crystal)

Download Gen 2 COLOR pattern
Download Gen 2 B&W pattern
Download Gen 2 COLOR EXTENDED pattern


Generation 3 (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)

Download Gen 3 COLOR pattern
Download Gen 3 B&W pattern
Download Gen 3 COLOR EXTENDED pattern


Generation 4 (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum)

Download Gen 4 COLOR pattern
Download Gen 4 B&W pattern
Download Gen 4 COLOR EXTENDED pattern


Generation 5 (Black/White/Black 2/White 2)

Download Gen 5 COLOR pattern
Download Gen 5 B&W pattern
Download Gen 5 COLOR EXTENDED pattern


Generation 6 (X/Y)

Download Gen 6 COLOR pattern
Download Gen 6 B&W pattern
Download Gen 6 COLOR EXTENDED pattern


Generation 7 (Sun/Moon)

Download Gen 7 COLOR pattern
Download Gen 7 B&W pattern
Download Gen 7 COLOR EXTENDED pattern


Generation 8 (Sword/Shield)

Download Gen 8 COLOR pattern
Download Gen 8 B&W pattern
Download Gen 8 COLOR EXTENDED pattern
Download Gen 8 Gigantamax COLOR pattern
Download Gen 8 Gigantamax B&W pattern
Download Gen 8 Gigantamax COLOR EXTENDED pattern

Thank you to Servotron and Shadow_Nova for making these patterns with the help of the SpriteStitch community and all the members of the Poke Community and Smogon forums for their excellent sprites.

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If you want to see how they look completed, we have a whole gallery you can view!
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This Post Has 279 Comments

  1. Jozefien Gillesse

    I am started with gen 3 and see that V on patern is green but dmc number is grey is that right?

    1. LordLibidan

      The pattern has been made so its easier to see the difference between thread colors. Grey is right!

  2. Callie Rose

    Just wondering what is the difference between the normal pattern and the extended pattern

    1. LordLibidan

      The “normal” patterns are an exact width, to make each match, and are the original patterns. However, it does cut off some parts of some Pokemon on the edges.
      The “extended” patterns increase the pattern by a few inches on either side to include all the details for those Pokemon on the sides. The extended patterns are each individually sized, and each generation does not match each other’s size.

  3. Gav

    im a beginner but want to make the pokemon gen 1 extended and find it difficult stitching without the pattern already printed/stamped on the aida. so would it be possible to buy the pattern already printed on the aida?

    1. LordLibidan

      I’m afraid we don’t offer the pattern already printed on aida.
      However, most people here stitch “counted cross stitch”, which means we use patterns that aren’t printed on the aida.
      So long as you grid, its VERY simple.

      1. gav

        Alright that’s fine, I will try my best!

  4. Selma

    Hi, I just don’t get it to 105 colors, I get to to over 300. Of all of them.

  5. Luce

    Hey, I was wondering if you could help me out just a little bit!
    I’m planning on doing the extended versions of both 2 and 3 on 14ct aida and I noticed in an older question you mentioned that 75cm x 120cm would be ideal. Does this work for for both extended versions?
    In the PDFs, the extended gen 2 says it needs 105.22 cm x 164.73 cm and gen 3 says it needs 112.12 cm x 169.45 cm, but these seem way too big.

    1. LordLibidan

      All of the extended versions are different sizes I’m afraid.
      As the generations increased, the size of the Pokemon did too, meaning each generation gets a larger and larger extended pattern.
      The measurements you can see in the extended patterns are correct.

      1. Luce

        Thanks for your swift reply!
        That’s honestly kind of crazy that the aida cloth will need to be around the length of a full grown human if it’s in 14ct, wow! I guess I’ll consider doing them in either 16ct or 18ct then.
        Is there a way I can easily calculate how much aida I’ll need if I decide to use 16ct or 18ct for the gen 2 and gen 3 extended patterns?
        I tried using the Cross Stitch Dimensions Calculator to check the gen 2 extended pattern just in case, but it comes back with 74.2×104 cm ?