Got Milk Magnets – Harvest Moon by Lord Libidan

Got Milk 1
Title: Got Milk Magnets – Harvest Moon
Date Completed: January 2010
Design: Lord Libidan
Count: 14
Colours: 8
Video Game: Harvest Moon
I love Harvest Moon, its one of my favorite video games, in particular the versions on the gameboy color. However when playing through it recently I realised that guy drinks milk ALL THE TIME! I just happened to come back from America before I started playing it too, so I knew the “got milk” adverts were all the rage over there. Well, it didn’t take me long to make a pattern and stitch something up.
This project is also the first time I make cross stitch magnets. I chose to stick magnets on the back of the panels, which whilst working OK at the start, they were too strong for the glue. In newer attempts I chose to enclose the magnet in plastic canvas to solve this issue.
This was later extended to include Doctor Who magnets.
Doctor Who magnets
Title: Got Milk Magnets – Doctor Who
Date Completed: June 2010
Design: Lord Libidan
Count: 14
Colours: 8
Show: Doctor Who

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