Metroid Power Suit & Cannon Blueprints Cross Stitch by Lord Libidan

Title: Metroid Power Suit & Cannon Blueprints
Date Completed: September 2013
Design: Lord Libidan
Count: 18
Canvas: Black
Colors: 3
Video Game: Super Metroid

This was the main part of my swap gift for Sprite Stitch’s Swap 2013. My partner this year was BooChocoBoom. On her questions she showed a real interest in Super Metroid, and zombies. Having just started playing through Super Metroid only a week before, I thought a perfect opportunity.
Its a mix between a screen shot in the game, and extra work by myself for the arm cannon. Stitched on 18 count, which is a first for me. I really love the stark difference of bright green and bright purple against the black background, it really stands out.
I also wrote to her in the style of a top secret letter from the Galactic Federation, giving her the blueprints to defeat the Metroid and Zombie invasions. It has loads of references to her favourite games and tv shows, and is below if you want a read.


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