Keychain 1
Title: Monkey Island Keychain
Date Completed: September 2010
Design: Lord Libidan
Count: 14
Canvas: Plastic
Colors: 10
Video Game: The Secret Of Monkey Island
In the past, I had done a few competitions for SpriteStitch, which resulted in my Pacman valentine cross stitch and Pokemon boy/girl quote cross stitch. However to make things a little more interesting, they decided to do a craft swap. I’d heard of other craft swaps before, but it was the first for SpriteStitch, so I was game!
My swap partner was in love with Monkey Island (a game I never played) so I worked my way through it, and made a double sided keychain.
Keychain 2
Thi wasn’t the first craft swap for Sprite Stitch either. Over the following years I also created an Assassin’s Creed Astergo glow-in-the-dark poster cross stitch, Assassin’s Creed pin cross stitches, Metroid blueprint cross stitch, Pokemon Japanese Gengar cross stitch and a Galaga ships cross stitch.



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