The Soils Of Dig Dug Cross Stitch by Lord Libidan

Soils of Dig Dug
Title: The Soils Of Dig Dug
Date Completed: February 2011
Design: Lord Libidan
Count: 14
Canvas: Black
Colors: 12
Video Game: Dig Dug
I said in my previous piece, my Canabalt cross stitch that I had just gone to Uni. I specifically, went to go soil science, and one of the old posters about soil on the walls really caught my attention. In short, I detailed three soil types, brown earth, podzol and gley. Whilst these probably don’t mean much to people outside of the soil science world, I noticed straight away that it was almost a perfect fit for the Dig Dug arcade game.
Dig Dug, apparently, knew what they were doing as when I went back to look at how accurate it was, it really blew me away. I was also in love with the bright colors of Dig Dug, which was the opposite of the massive grey Canabalt cross stitch, meaning it would be a more interesting cross stitch.



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