DMC Thread Inventory Spreadsheet – Updated

Everyone loves a good collection of threads, but unless you have the whole set of DMC threads you’re going to need a way to keep track of what you have, and haven’t got. That’s why we created this awesome colored spreadsheet of all standard, metallic, variations, variegated, Coloris and Étoile 6 strand DMC threads, so you can keep track.
Just click the link or image and save the spreadsheet. You can access it on your computer, phone, or put it through googledocs!

DMC thread spreadsheet free download by Lord Libidan
DMC thread inventory sheet free download by Lord Libidan

If the above link didn’t work, you may have to use this link: DMC Thread Inventory Spreadsheet direct download

Looking for a PDF download?

We have you covered.
Direct download link
Updated February 2021

127 thoughts on “DMC Thread Inventory Spreadsheet – Updated

  1. i’ve noticed that some of your colours have different names ie DMC 152 is Medium Light Shell Pink, but you have it listed as something else. can you help?

    1. Hey,
      DMC have never supplied names for their (non-metallic) threads. The names you see in stores and online are made up by people. Annoyingly there isn’t a “most used” list, so people have their own names for different colors. We’ve tried to use the most accepted names on the sheet, but depending on your country, and even where in the country, they can be different.

  2. Would you ever consider doing a Anchor Floss Inventory Sheet? Thanks for the DMC one. Love it

    1. We have actually, but we wanted to make sure the DMC one was perfect before we started another one. We finally updated the final draft of the DMC one today though! So keep your eye out for an Anchor one sometime…

  3. For the discontinued ones that say n/a, I have a circa 2002 threaded DMC chart if you’d like scans!

      1. Glad I could help! I have some of the new metallics, jsyk, that are still listed as N/A. When I get a chance I’ll scan the bobbins for you. I’m waiting for the other pack to be back in stock. I can scan E133, E136, E144, E148 currently. As soon as I get E131, E138, E140, E141, and E146, I’ll let you know.

  4. Thank you so much for providing this spreadsheet. My husband thought I was kidding when I said I needed to organize my floss with a spreadsheet. This is absolutely wonderful. Thank You!

  5. The August 2020 version has a *ton* of gradients stacked on top of eachother (for example in columns AR and AW) making the sheet basically unusable due to lag D:

      1. Does this include the discontinued colors for those of us who still have stock? Thanks!

  6. Hey! I’ve tried quite a few times now, how can I download this in order to put into google sheets to edit it?

    1. Hey Krista,
      You should be able to click the links and it should start downloading automatically (depending on your device this might not be automatic). Once downloaded you need to open google sheets and create a new document. Select “File” and then “Import” and find your downloaded file and it should import for you. 😀
      Depending on your device it might look different, but that’s the general process. Hope that helps!

  7. Hi

    I tried to down load the DMC inventory list and it tells me that the file can not be previewed. I have tried all the links that you put up and they all said the same thing.

    Thank you

    1. Hey Lucia,
      It sounds like the download was successful, but you aren’t able to open the file on your computer. If you find the file in your download folder, right click it and select “open with…” you should be able to select Excel and it should open.
      Hope this helps!
      Lord Libidan

      1. Thank you

        I have opened the document and now have to work out how to print it off so that the colours and numbers are on the same page and not split.


          1. Your PDF link is an Excel file… I don’t have Excel and would love a PDF for a checklist mostly. I wouldn’t even mind not having the color samples.

            Even though I don’t have Excel I wish to thank you for making the spreadsheets. It’s helpful to have when you have floss skeins missing bands with the numbers.

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